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The mokebo mission is to offer customers, regardless of their means, an innovative, conscious and uncomplicated furniture offer - everywhere where they prefer to shop online. Therefore we want to open the way to eCommerce for furniture manufacturers in partnership, agile, automated and are always looking for new exciting partners from all over Europe.

What distinguishes us

Environment friendly delivery

Our promise: We ship our goods 100% climate-neutral via the DHL GoGreen & Hermes We Do program. No overseas transport, no intermediate storage. Directly from the production line to your home. That's good for the environment and your wallet.

Customer-oriented service

Our support: Always there for you quickly, via WhatsApp, email and much more. Our shipping: Free of charge in a few working days to your home.

Conscious products

Our goal: We use sustainable & consciously chosen materials to always offer you the best product at affordable prices.

What our partners say

friendly and honest communicationfast and easy handling of flowslongterm commitment for evergreen production

Manfred Rehkemper


friendly and honest communicationfast and easy handling of flowslongterm commitment for evergreen production

Dennis Nickel


Your key benefits

✔ Consistent customer experience due to having only one retail partner selling your product

✔ We list on the the largest sales platforms on the German market giving you +70% of eCommerce reach

✔ We create long-term bestsellers by bringing your products to the biggest sales channels at the same price and in the highest marketing quality

✔ No retail expertise and organisation required: give us the right products and we do the rest

✔ Collaboration & effective competence sharing: we are top-nodge in product listing, product quality, performance marketing, press work & customer success management

Double sided scalability at mokebo

What we need from you:

✔ Dropshipping capability

✔ Own warehouse space in Europe

✔ E-commerce ready packaging

✔ Exclusive joint product portfolio that is not being sold on our main sales channels Amazon, Otto and yet

✔ Products which can be launched exclusively under our private label mokebo®

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